Phyllis Hansen

My passion for Bio-Energy healing began in 2007 when I received treatment for arthritic ankles.  After several treatments, the chronic pain — which prevented me from simple pleasures like taking a walk — was alleviated.  As a result of my personal healing experience and an ongoing interest in alternative healing methods, including shamanism, I began studying with Michael Dalton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing and earned my practitioner diploma in 2008.


In 2009, I decided to leave the business world and devote my energies to healing. To further my training, I enrolled in the Zdenko Domancic Bio-Energy Healing Method in 2011 and completed a certificate.   In my practice, I use a blend of the Dalton and Zdenko modalities for a powerful and effective healing treatment.   Both methods restore the flow of energy in the body and kickstart the healing process; however, the Dalton method focuses on the chakras, removing blocks and balancing energy, while the Zdenko method has specific protocols to address various ailments. To ensure clients get the best of both, I start with specific therapy protocols from the Zdenko method and then use Dalton’s method to work on the chakras associated with the ailment.


To explore how these methods can help you address your specific needs, please contact me.  We’ll create a personalized treatment plan that can help you enjoy life again!